Most Expensive Album on Amazon

21 May 2014

Most Expensive Album on Amazon

How expensive is the Most Expensive Album on Amazon?

We are talking about music again. Because what else can be more important?

Today we are talking about expensive music. Where do you buy your music?

You prefer to do it online or at some shop? Why online and/or at the shop?

If you buy online you may found just exactly what I want to talk about next- the most expensive album on Amazon.

Amazon is an online store where you can buy anything you like, even music.

So, that’s what the user that sold the most expensive album though he should do- sells his album on Amazon.com.

Next of Kin Soundtrack is the album that got an to be world’s most expensive album sold on Amazon.com.

Most Expensive Album on Amazon (4)

It is displayed at $10,000.00 making it the most expensive album ever.

Is the soundtrack of the movie with the same name “Next of Kin”. 

The soundtrack comes on audio cassette format. Maybe that’s why is so expensive.

And for some reason is the most expensive one. Why do you think is that?

Do you prefer buying tunes from Amazon or iTunes? And why?

Other expensive tunes/albums are: Vol. 5-Master of Chant by Gregorian (2006) at $9,999.00, and a nice vinyl piece 

Please Please Me – 1st – VG+ by The Beatles at $7,937.51.

Most Expensive Album on Amazon (1)

Have you ever heard of those bands? I did, heard some songs by some of the bands.

Would you buy their albums? At the Amazon as you see the prices are triple! Better support the artist on iTunes or buy their albums from the music store.

Most Expensive Album on Amazon (2)

But now, I’m asking you! How much you’ll pay for music? For the music you love? Can you live without it then?

Tell us the answer of those questions in the comments below and if the article was good, don’t forget to share it with your friends! Thanks *smile*