These Are the Most Expensive and Odd-Looking Boots!

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These Are the Most Expensive Boots in the World and they are Odd-Looking!

Wondering which are the most expensive boots in the world? Alux has the answer!

Apparently, odd-looking fashion items are the costliest ones. We don’t know why.

If you have a passion for odd-looking things and money isn’t a problem, you may end up buying the most valuable boots in the world, adorned with all kinds of precious gems.

So if you thought that UGG are expensive, we hope this article will make you reconsider things.

Most Expensive Boots in the World - EALUXE.COM via
Most Expensive Boots in the World –

Two companies from Antwerp, Diarough/UNI-Design and A.F. Vandervorst, collaborated and created the world’s highest priced boots.

Made from black leather, the boots are embellished with no less than 1.550 carats of diamonds and another 38.883 natural colored champagne, gray and pink diamonds.

As if all these gems weren’t enough, the costliest boots in the world also feature 4.783 grams of gold.
A.F. Vandervorst’ cross-shape logo is also made of rare reddish-pink diamonds.

The most expensive boots in the world are valued at $3.1 million.

Most Expensive Boots in the World - EALUXE.COM via
Most Expensive Boots in the World –

Along with the whole selecting and the adjustment of the precious stones, designing the boots took 30.000 hours.

The most valuable boots in the world are made in European size 39 and US size 8. If you think on throwing away $3.1 million, we feel obliged to at least tell you the size.

Although these boots were unveiled in Hong Kong, they were made in Belgium.
During the event in Hong Kong, 400 celebrities had the opportunity to view and event to wear the boots.

Among those celebs are included Chinese artist Yi Zhou, Queen Mathilde of Belgium and the minister-president of the government of Flanders, Kris Peeters.

Most Expensive Boots in the World - EALUXE.COM via
Most Expensive Boots in the World –

These concludes our cover on the most expensive and odd-looking boots!

We hope you enjoyed our article and we will like to know your opinion about these boots, so make sure you leave it in the comment section below.

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