Most Expensive Bags for Men | Top 10

11 September 2014

Most Expensive Bags for Men | Top 10

Most guys like to travel light but now and then you have to have a bag for everyday use and that is why we found the most expensive bags for men, so that all the rich fellows out there should have a variety from where to pick.

If it means that you have to use it to go to work or to the gym, the bag has its rightful place in a mans life.

So girls if by now you were used to be tampered with expensive bags, its time to show you that also the modern man can be equipped with the latest designer bag.

So in favor of this idea we found 10 expensive bags, designed for men to accompany them and their belongings.

Made out of leather or other materials these bags were made to suit the wealthy man in any condition, even if it rains, snows or it is sunny.

The guys now can deliver mail in style, carry their belongings with grace and why not carry large amounts of money in the perfect designer bag.

The rich and wealthy have to choose now because all the major designers and bag manufacturers gave the best to assure you that their products are the best on the market.

Let’s see the most expensive bag for men and who produces them->

10. Tom Ford, Buckley Leather Duffel Bag: $3460

When it comes to men’s bags we have to take in mind some different designers from those who make the bags for women.

One of those designers is Tom Ford, who decide in 2006 to start a own collection.

After he was the Creative Director of Gucci, and after he did his best there and turned the brand into a worldwide success, he decides to make menswear, Eyewear and accessories.

The brand took him further in his career and became famous among celebrities.

The menswear collections include even designer bags, the theme of our article and we present the first on the list of most expensive bags for men, the Tom Ford Buckley Leather Duffel Bag.

The roomy bag, is made from calfskin leather who has a pebble design.

Made in Italy the bag has the price of 3460 dollars and also the designer’s signature on the exclusive heavy metal zipper with a loop pull.

100% waterproof and with an inside zip pocket the bag has 90% cotton and 10% polyester lining.

So guys this bag is perfect for you because has dual handles and you can both carry it with the tote handles and the strap.

Most Expensive Bags for Men | Top 10
Tom Ford, Buckley Leather Duffel Bag – $3460

Next bag is handcrafted by artisans->

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