These Are the Most Expensive Banksy Artworks!

25 May 2015

These Are the Most Expensive Banksy Artworks!

His name is not known but his work is famous. In today’s article we will present 10 of the most expensive Banksy artworks.

To be clear, Banksy hardly sold any of his paintings but being a graffiti artist and having your work displayed on public space, gave art auctioneers a free hand on taking advantage of his stencils and paintings.

The interest for his paintings increased quickly over the years, with celebrities like Christina Aquilera spending small fortunes for a share of his artwork.

We asked around and put together a list of his most expensive works ever sold on actions and events.

Let’s get started!

10Ruined Landscape – Price: $385.000

We begin our top 10 list of the world’s costliest Banksy artworks with ‘Ruined Landscape’.

Valued at $385.000, this is one of the few pieces that Banksy actually sold at an auction in New York.

‘Ruined Landscape’, an artwork of an English landscape featuring the words ‘This is not a photo opportunity‘, fetched almost $400.000 at the RED charity auction held at Sotheby’s in New York in February, 2008.

Top 10 Most Expensive Banksy Artworks - EALUXE.COM | Ruined Landscape
Ruined Landscape via mutualart.com

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