Most Expensive Barbie Collectibles

10 October 2014

9. Put-Ons and Pets Kitty Kapers (1972) – $500

This is a Barbie accessory which came in three ensembles, and each came with a pet for the Barbie doll.

But that doesn’t make them any less rare. In fact the possibility for you to find the three ensembles is pretty low because these are extremely rare.

So it is normal when they are found and listed for auction their prices often go more higher than usual.

Since the series was released in the 70s, these three ensembles are considered to be part of the vintage collection of Barbie.

Chances are you could get a dog, because two variations were dogs and one was the “Kitty Kapers” version with a skirt and shirt.

9. Put-Ons and Pets Kitty Kapers (1972) – $500 Most Expensive Barbie Collectibles
9. Put-Ons and Pets Kitty Kapers (1972) – $500 (via ebay.com)
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