Enjoy Your Summer with the Most Expensive BBQ’s in the World!

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Enjoy Your Summer with the Most Expensive BBQ’s in the World!

If you’re wondering which are the world’s most expensive BBQ’s, we got it covered for you with this top 10.

Summer is here so there are plenty outdoor activities for you. Now it’s the outdoor grilling season

Who doesn’t love a burger on a warm day? Nowadays, BBQ’s aren’t just the average charcoal grill and these 10 devices will prove that.

They now feature the newest and latest technology, as you’re about to find out.

Let’s get straight to business!

10Weber Ranch Kettle – Price: $1.150

We begin our top 10 of the costliest BBQ’s  in the world with the Weber Ranch Kettle. Worth $1.150, the Weber Ranch Kettle isn’t a full grill.

Despite that, it’s one popular BBQ and it’s perfect for your backyard or on camping sessions.

The Weber Ranch Kettle features 1.104 square inches of cooking space, leather wheels and a sleek black design.

TOP 10 Most Expensive BBQ's in the World - EALUXE.COM | Weber Ranch Kettle
Weber Ranch Kettle via bbqsuperstars.com
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