Most Expensive Brad Pitt Movies | Top 10

22 July 2014

Most Expensive Brad Pitt Movies | Top 10

For all the fans out there we want to present you the most expensive Brad Pitt movies ever made until now.

So if you are a fan of the blond actor and want to know more about some of the greatest movies in which he played, stay tuned because in the following we find out what to expect when it comes to movies where rich actors are staring.

Hollywood is the place where big money is produced, making the movie industry a place where you can get rich very fast.

So when it comes to expensive everything, this is where you can find it all because some of the best movies come with big budgets.

The big budgets attract big stars and in the end we have the best movie experience.

For us, the people in front of the screen, this is just a peak in the movie industry, where Brad Pitt evolved in the past years, as an actor and where he slowly built his fortune.

We will show you some of the greatest Brad Pitt movies produced, where the loved actor impressed the public with an amazing performance adding to it the fact that these movies have some big money behind them.

The actor draws the attention of the audience with his acting skills but we want to add something extra and show you what are the budgets of some of the most expensive Brad Pitt movies.


Stay tuned for the ultimate big budget movies list where we find one of the most liked and appreciated stars, Brad Pitt.

10. Ocean’s Eleven – 85 million dollars

The first movie on the list of most expensive Brad Pitt movies is the first of the Ocean’s series, “Ocean’s Eleven“, a mix of some big names from the movie industry.

For a movie that was produced almost 13 years ago, Ocean’s Eleven has a pretty big budget, the 85 million dollars estimated for the producing of the film, help it became an instant success.

Brad Pitt co-staring with fellow actors and friends George Clooney and Matt Damon offered the public a unique experience, a convincing and pretty realistic take on the hustling life of playboy Vegas entrepreneurs.

A mix between comedy, action and thriller, the movie as you all know has the actions centered around George Clooney’s character who want’s to rob the Vegas Strip and rounds up all kind’s of interesting characters to help him arrange the heist.

Supporting him is Brad’s character, Rusty Ryan, his right-hand man, card magician who you always see eating some fast-food.

A fun film, where Brad plays one slick character became shortly a film that made almost half of a billion in one year from ticket sales around the globe and after several years was declared a huge success which easily made it to the top 500 greatest movies of all time.

Most Expensive Brad Pitt Movies | Top 10
Ocean’s Eleven cast

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