Most Expensive Broadway Musicals

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Most Expensive Broadway Musicals | TOP 10

What is more enjoying than watching the most expensive Broadway musicals? Nothing.

Until 1750s, New York didn’t have a significant theatre presence. But it all changed when the actor-managers Walter Murray and Thomas Kean established a resident theatre company at the Theatre on Nassau Street.

The Shakespeare plays and ballad operas were presented on the stage.

So basically, Walter Murray and Thomas Kean were the founder fathers of Broadway. Now, Broadway is one of the most popular entertainments.

But now, let’s start with the most expensive Broadway Musicals and see all the things that changed since its opening.

10. Aladdin: $14 Million

With an estimated budget of $14 million, Aladdin was opened on Broadway as Disney’s latest installment began its run a while ago.

Aladdin is the perfect adaptation of the extremely successful Disney film from 1992. With the same title and some of the original songs, the adaptation was a success.

You can’t help but wonder what made Disney spend that much money on a musical, and you can find the answer to that question by only going and see the play.

So far, Aladdin has received so many good reviews. Go watch it and tell us your opinion about Disney’s musical.

Most Expensive Broadway Musicals  TOP 10
Most Expensive Broadway Musicals TOP 10

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