Most Expensive Camera Lenses | Top 10

28 August 2014

Most Expensive Camera Lenses | Top 10

Taking pictures became an art over the years and technology helps the modern artist to do this and also gave us the opportunity to show the camera enthusiast the most expensive camera lenses in the world.

To be passionate about taking pictures means that you have to study a little bit and also invest some money in a lens and stuff like that, but what do you say when we will show you the most expensive camera lenses out there?

A list of ten camera lenses that have outrageous prices will definitely impress even the least talented photographer, but also intrigue the mind of the best artists out there on what could be done with such lens.

So want a million dollar picture, here are some amazing state of the art, high-tech expensive camera lenses that could help you do the impossible.

Wanting the perfect angle for a penalty shot taken by Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, or the smallest lizard in the world is about to give birth and you want that picture? No problem the next list of most expensive camera lenses does the job more than perfectly and from now you will be able to take the best pictures.

Who didn’t think that professional artists have to invest so much money in what they photograph, didn’t see the list of most expensive camera lenses and all the properties that these ultimate devices have.

Here are the most expensive camera lenses and their specifications->

10. Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM – 10.399 $

The first choice for the most expensive camera lens is the Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM, a camera lens most used by sports photographers and wildlife professionals who think of it to be pretty good.

Even if this model is relatively big and also heavy sometimes we can use it without the tripod making it a version more compact and lightweight compared to the kind of lens it holds.

So when used without the tripod you can capture a moving object or capture certain thing while moving yourself, but also you can capture object in low light conditions.

You will get for these hard conditions a satisfactory clarity and sharpness and makes it appropriate for a paparazzi photographer who has always the strangest places and dimmest lights.

For the price of almost 10.500 dollars the lens has a 9 blade aperture who improves image impressions and gives the background a softer look and feel.

Most Expensive Camera Lens | Top 10
Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM – 10.399 $

Number 9 has fluorite optics->

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