Most Expensive Cars in the World

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Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017

Ever wondered what is the world’s most expensive car or which are the most expensive cars in the world 2017? We know you did and we’re here to answer those exact questions! Keep reading!

Although the super-rich have always battled for the number one position when it comes to luxury automobiles, it’s interesting to see that the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is no longer the most expensive car in the world,┬áthe famous model doesn’t even rank second now.

In order to have the most accurate ranking available and because some of the purchases have been made in different years, we took the time and created an absolute value that accounts for the change in currency, inflation and economic environment, so we are confident we have a clear image on what was paid for each car in “today’s money”.

This is not your average commercial line car available to anyone, welcome to the World’s Most Expensive Cars.

Let’s get into it! Top World’s Most Expensive Cars:

#6 Ferrari 250 LM Sold for: $14.3 Million

Sold back in November 21st 2013, in New York City, for $14.3 Million, this 1964 Edition Ferrari 250 Le Mans model changes ownership and enters straight into our top 5 most expensive automobiles in the world.

Probably one of the most beautiful Ferrari cars the company has ever put out, it was incredibly designed compared to the other cars of that time.

Not only it is a piece of history but it is also a symbol of prosperity, innovation and also one of the super wealthy!

Ferrari 250 LM Most expensive cars in the world
Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017: Ferrari 250 LM

We’ve talked a lot about the Ferrari Testa Rossa, but it’s only on #5:

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