15 Most Expensive Caskets and Coffins in The World

27 October 2016

For centuries, humans have been trying to perfect the place where they live. These most expensive caskets say that it is not just for when they are alive.

“Death ends life, not a relationship.” That popular quote by Mitch Albom may be the reason why people spend so much money to build (or buy) these most expensive caskets for their loved ones. Giving them the best they could for the final goodbye seems to make sense.

In the other hand, some people just couldn’t get enough of luxury. Even though funeral is all about grief, they still manage to use this moment to showcase how rich the departed and family are. In this case, a regular $1,000 casket is just simply not enough.

It is not wrong to spend a lot for your loved one, but sometimes these numbers just don’t make any sense. Keep reading this list if you don’t believe me.

We researched through some caskets on the market and also those belonged to late public figures. We found fifteen of them and we ranked them right here just for you. Enjoy the read!

15. Kiss Themed Casket: $4,000

15 Most Expensive Caskets or Coffins in The World | #15. Kiss Themed Casket: $4,000
15 Most Expensive Caskets or Coffins in The World | #15. Kiss Themed Casket: $4,000 | source: kissonfire.net

We start the list off with something that is common to die-hard fans out there. Some fans showcase their love towards their favorite band by buying records, putting up posters, or even inking the band’s logo onto their body.

And in this case, some of them are willing to go even further. How far? Well, it is as far as the afterlife takes them away.

This Kiss-themed casket is one of the proofs to that level of fanciness. There is nothing really special about this but the custom-designed brush on the outside of the casket.

Similar other caskets, with different portraits or themes, are sold at the same range of price. This particular casket is sold at $4,000.

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