Most Expensive Caviar in the World

30 August 2013

Most Expensive Caviar in the World

We all know caviar is expensive but which is the Most Expensive Caviar in the World? Let’s find out!

At times when you will be satisfied by nothing but the best, you can have the pleasure of indulging in the most expensive caviar in the world. Be prepared to shell out a whopping $1363 for a pound of rare Beluga white caviar. The brand that you will have to look out for is Almas.

It comes from Iran and is packed in a tin of 24 karats gold. The caviar is exclusive to the London-based Caviar House & Prunier in Picadilly. 2.2 lbs. or a kilo is worth $25000 or £16000, although if you are crunched up for your budget, you also get them in smaller tins at $1192 or £800. Prunier is also the place that sells the most expensive meal in Britain.

So, if you’re planning to spend a fortune on this expensive delicacy, you need to brush up your skills on how caviar is served and tasted. ‘Almas’ is a word which means ‘diamond’, a fitting name given to the world’s most expensive caviar. The Beluga caviar comes from the Beluga Sturgeon, a species that is found in the Caspian Sea. The lighter the color of the Beluga, the mature the fish is. The Light color gives the caviar a rich and exquisite flavor.

Most Expensive Caviar in the World

The expression ‘caviar’ is derived from the Persian term ‘khag-avar’ which stands for the fish, ‘roe generator’. Caviar was peasant food in medieval Russia, although by the Elizabethan era, this particular dish came to be associated with connoisseurship and extravagance. Since then, the treat has traveled the world over evolving in appearance since the days it was first made.

Most Expensive Caviar in the World

Why is Almas Special?

Almas is made from the Iranian Beluga that is found in the world’s most pristine waters – that of the Caspian. This is quite a specialty for the dish. Caviar is eaten directly from the skin. The pearly white color of Almas is a special feature which is responsible for it being so pricey to afford. It makes the dish amazing to your taste buds. The Beluga caviar contains gray eggs that are the size of peas. The various grades of this caviar are as follows:

  •  0: Darkest
  • 00: Medium Tone
  • 000: Lightest

The last grade is often respectfully called the ‘royal caviar’. When it comes to the texture, the royal caviar is described as being opulent and silky. All kinds of caviar have quite a short shelf life; so you need to eat it all at once, if you can afford Almas.

Most Expensive Caviar in the World

That tells you why people all over the world are willing to fish a sum of $25000 for a pie of Almas for what it is regarded – sieved and salted fish eggs. Popular among all kinds of people, they adore and crave for the delight to ensure they are in the best of health and spirits at all times. The good news is that Almas is world famous now and people who can cough up the amount are cherishing what is served to them.

Most Expensive Caviar in the World

I hope you enjoyed this article about the most expensive caviar in the world! Let me know if you would like to try it in the comments bellow!