10 Most Expensive Celebrity Boob Jobs

5 September 2014

Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Boob Jobs!

Ever wondered which are the priciest boob jobs in the world?

If so, you are in the right place, because that’s our topic for today. And who else can spend more money on implants and surgeries than celebrities, right?

Stars try to change their looks and make themselves sexier, younger, wrinkle-less and many others. And probably the most popular surgery (maybe besides liposuction) is the breast implants surgery.

If one day you see a celebrity with bigger breasts than yesterday, you probably can guess what happened.

At the end of this post you’ll find a video that dives deeper into each celebrity!

So without any further talking, let’s see which are the 10 most expensive celebrity boob jobs!

10.Salma Hayek: approx $10.000

We start our journey of the priciest breast implants with actress Salma Hayek.

No one can deny that Salma Hayek is a beautiful, sexy woman. And while she had small breasts she didn’t seem to be ashamed or discouraged by them, but Salma amazed us all when she got a boob job.

She pretty much shocked everyone when she displayed some much fuller, firmer and rounder breasts. Salma didn’t want to admit that she had the surgery, but hey, when you go from a C cup to a double D, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it?

Her surgery costed around $10.000 and it brought Hayek the third place when it comes to the best breasts in Hollywood.

Most Expensive Celebrity Boob Jobs - Salma Hayek
Most Expensive Celebrity Boob Jobs – Salma Hayek
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