Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear | TOP 10

24 June 2014

Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear | TOP 10

Let’s begin with most expensive celebrity footwear!

Shoes are included among the basic necessities of human being. Whether it is a routine task or a special party, everyone likes to wear a stylish pair of shoes. With the passage of time, people started matching the color and design of the dresses with the shoes.

Now there are a lot of expensive and eye catching designs. Even the styles are so fabulous that people can say no to temptation. The shoes are available in all colors and price ranges. It is surprising that some of the celebrities have used highly expensive shoes.

The price of their shoes is in thousand dollars. Here is the Most expensive celebrity footwear which will shock the readers:

10- Nike with Diamonds (50,000 Dollars)

It is believed that the metro-sexual prefer to use diamond, but the Nike footwear has confused the people. The shoes have an outline with chocolate brown color.

More astonishing is the use of diamonds in this outline. The Outkastas “Big Boi” is the first man, who dared to buy the 11 carat gems studded Nike shoes.

Most Expensive Celebrity Footwear TOP 10

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