Most Expensive Chanel Products | Top 10

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Most Expensive Chanel Products | Top 10

If you’re a Chanel’s fan, then you should know which are the most expensive Chanel products!

Chanel is already a synonym for luxury around the world. With some of the best known perfumes, handbags and so on, Chanel decided to surprise their fans one more time.

And it succeeded, with these 10 products. Some of them aren’t what you quite expected from Chanel.
Fishing kit, bicycle, guitar… We have your interest so far? Let’s get started!

10Chanel Laptop Case – Price: $1.450

We begin our top list with this laptop case, worth $1.450. If black isn’t your color and you want a more strident one, go for the pink version.

Made of lambskin, the laptop case features 2 thin openings inside and a slit pocket on the back.
And like any other laptop case, it closes with an all-around zipper.

It’s a nice, fancy¬†tech accessory, don’t you think?

Most Expensive Chanel Products  Top 10 10. Laptop Case - $1.450
Most Expensive Chanel Products Top 10 10. Laptop Case – $1.450
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