Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the World

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Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the World

Have you ever thought why Christmas dinner is so important? The main reason why Christmas dinner is so important is because is one of the few occasions when we all sat down together as a family unit.Nowadays, getting everyone together for a meal can be a great challenge, and that’s because we are all too busy.

For Christmas, put away your phones and laptops, help out the person who is doing all the cooking and enjoy each other’s company while you take stock of what has come to pass for your family this year. Why Turkey? Well, the Turkey is probably the bird of choice due to its relatively large size – usually the Christmas Dinner guest list has more people on it than the average Sunday Dinner.

Turkey and Christmas have over 400 years of history together – with this close association culminating in the last 60 years when turkey became the national and ‘traditional’ Christmas Dinner for the general population of the UK.

woman turkey Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the WorldDid you know that… Families will splash out an average of £133.70 on Christmas Day food  and as a nation we’ll spend £3.3 billion on food for the Christmas table. Now let’s find out what’s the most expensive Christmas dinner!

Ben Spalding and his team will create this memorable feast for diners at their home on Christmas day. Spalding has completed residencies at restaurants including The Fat Duck in Bray, Gordon Ramsay’s Royal Hospital Road and Per Se in New York.

christmas-dinner Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the World

Ben Spalding Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the WorldWhat’s on the menu? To be honest with you, a part of this menu sounds absolutely delicious, but some of it seems pretty weird. I mean, would you eat beef heart wrapped in gold, and cat poo coffee? I don’t know if I would, but I would never say no if I had the opportunity to taste it. The dinner is available on and it will be delivered to your home on Christmas day! What are you waiting for?

The ingredients used to make this dinner, are listed below!

christmas ingredients Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the World

He said that he wants to donate 80% of his fee to the charities Cancer Research U.K. and Hospitality Action. He wants to make a difference but he’s not sure if people will buy it! If that is the case, he will spend the day with his young family and two babies. We wish him the best!

Here Are Some Pictures Of The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Dinner:

turkey Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the World

luxury christmas dinner Most Expensive Christmas Dinner in the WorldI hope you enjoyed our article and we wish you a Merry Christmas and Bon Appetite!


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