Most Expensive Cigars in the World

17 October 2016

Top 10 Most Expensive Cigars in the World (Ranked by Price)

This one is for the classy rich men that are also smokers. I present you today the top ten most expensive cigars in the world!

Even as a woman myself, I enjoy from time to time a fine cigar. I remember my dad used to smoke cigars sometimes when I was a little child and I was always fascinated. Maybe that’s why I eventually turned into a smoker.

There’s nothing sexier than an elegant men in a tuxedo, holding a scotch on rocks with a twist in one hand and a luxurious cigar in the other hand. I guarantee you that wherever you’ll see a guy like that, he’ll have at least two fabulous ladies around.

So, gentlemen, let me present you today ten of the most luxurious cigars a man can puff, but the question is: can you afford them?

10.Louixs – Sold for: $50.00

Ok, let’s start this top 10 most expensive cigars easy!

We’ll go easy on you first. We have 4 types of cigars that cost under 100 dollars, for those of you who don’t have that much money, but do enjoy a fine cigar.

The first of these four cigars is Louixs, priced at $50,00 each, the house cigars for Beverly Hills Cigar Club. I think that’s saying something, a cigar club respects itself.

The Louixs cigars are available in Rosado wrappers and measure 6″ by 60 ring gauge size. They are produced by Goldwin Metropolitan Company and they describe them as the:

finest cigars money can buy

most expensive cigars in the world
most expensive cigars in the world
most expensive cigars in the world
most expensive cigars in the world
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