Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10

28 June 2014

9. The 1898 Coca-Cola Calendar – 50.000$

Over a decade ago Coca-Cola was curing headaches. I’m not kidding you. This is the slogan from the 1898 Coca-Cola calendar.

The whole text present on the calendar was saying something like this “Coca-Cola. Delicious and Refreshing. Relieves Mental and Physical Exhaustion. Cures Headache. At All Soda Fountains 5c.” So what’s so special about this old calendar? In a perfect shape, it shows us the commercial design of the era, putting on the cover beautiful girls, flowers and the most important thing the Coca-Cola glass in the hand of the beautiful lady. This particular item is a rare, one of a kind calendar impossible to find on the market today, in a perfect condition estimated at the price of 30.000$. But it was sold in 2011 in an auction for the sum of 50.000$.

Most Expensive Coca-Cola Collectibles | Top 10
The 1898 Coca-Cola Calendar

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