Most Expensive Coins in the World

10 October 2014

Most Expensive Coins in the World | TOP 10

We are about to step in a world where coins became more valuable than any other bill.

Let’s see the most expensive coins in the world!

#10- Eagle (United States coin)

Price: $2,185,000

Date Sold: January 2011

Sold By: Heritage Auctions

The tenth most expensive coin is called the Eagle which is a term used to describe a base-unit of denomination issued only for gold coinage by the United States Mint based on the original values designated by the Coinage Act of 1792.

The eagle was the largest of the four main decimal base-units of denomination used for coins is circulation in the United States before 1933, the year when gold was withdrawn from circulation.

These four main base-units of denomination were the cent, the dime, the dollar, and the eagle, where a dime is 10 cents, a dollar is 10 dimes, and an eagle is 10 dollars.

The United States’ circulating eagle denomination from the late 18th century to first third of the 20th century should not be confused with the American Eagle bullion coins which are manufactured from silver (since 1986), gold (since 1986) or platinum (since 1997).

#10- Eagle (United States coin)
Most Expensive Coins in the World | TOP 10 | #10- Eagle (United States coin)
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