Most Expensive Collectibles

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Most Expensive Collectibles | TOP 10

Look no more for the most expensive collectibles in the world, because we made it happen!

Hobbies. There are so many of them, but to be a collector is the hardest of them all, and the most expensive one.

Imagine all the things we could buy for your collection if you have enough money for all.

If you could become a collector, what would your collection contain?

10) Spider-man Comic Book: $40,000+

At number 10, we see the Spider-man Comic Book which is priced at $40,000+. The rarest and the most expensive item you can collect is this comic about Peter Parker’s alter ego.

The comic which happens to be one of the most important comics in history it was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko and debuted in November of 1962.

Back then a copy of Spider-man Comic Book was 12 cents, but now it costs around $40k.

Located by BBC presenter, Jonathan Ross, the comic book was immediately put for auction for ‘comic relief’.

Because Ross was such a huge comic book collector, he was happy when he gave up the Spider-man comic book, and all that he hoped for was that the comic book will end up in the hands of another fan.


Most Expensive Collectibles | TOP 10
Most Expensive Collectibles | TOP 10 | N10) Spider-man Comic Book $40,000+

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