Most Expensive Colleges in America (Ranked)

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Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in America

Next on our tour through USA are the most expensive colleges in America.

This is a controversial topic as many people consider that in order to receive a proper education you don’t have to pay that much amount of money.

Well, that’s true, but nobody can say that these colleges we’re going to talk about next don’t offer the finest education.

Yes, they truly are extremely expensive, but I guarantee you they are worthy. Many of the smartest and most important people in the world we all know too well have graduated here. What does that tell you?

Let’s see what these colleges have to offer and which personalities studied here!

10.Scripps College – Annual Price: $61,370

Scripps College is one of the Claremont Colleges and is a private liberal art college for women in California.

It was founded in 1926 and it offers more than 65 majors and a core curriculum regarding interdisciplinary humanities.

And as statistics have proven to us, the students that go to Scripps College are successful in their careers. More than half of the students go to study abroad in the special programs all over the world and more than 80% of them complete in an internship.

Scripps is a college of many traditions and probably the most important of them all is the afternoon tea that is served every Wednesday, this being a tradition dating all the way back to 1931.

10. Scripps College - Annual Price: $61,370 | Most Expensive Colleges in America | Image Source:
10. Scripps College – Annual Price: $61,370 | Most Expensive Colleges in America | Image Source:
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