World’s Most Expensive Cosmetics

30 January 2014

World’s most expensive cosmetics

Have you ever wondered which the world’s most expensive cosmetics are? You arrived at the right place.

Any woman that wants to take care of herself and to always have the best look in the room knows how difficult it is to find the right cosmetics. Some would say that a lifetime it’s not enough to try them all and see which fits best. If you want to have the perfect look from head to toe, you should not neglect the issue of choosing the cosmetics that work best for you. And if we take the price as a sign of quality, I chose the most precious things you can buy to enhance your beauty.

#5 Gold and Diamond Eyelashes – $1,350

Created by Kre At Beauty and its designer Taylor Chang Babaian, these fake eyelashes have the credit of being really creative. Taylor Chang Babaian, who states that she has always been obsessed with beauty, created Kre AT Beauty from her own lack of sexy eyelashes and the need to constantly tweak false eyelashes to make them look more natural. So, she took the matter in her own hands and did some amazing things. Apart from the natural looking eyelashes, she also offers you Swarovski crystal eyelashes  designed for an elegant embellished look.

World’s most expensive cosmetics
Swarovski crystal eyelashes

More, in 2011, Kre AT beauty designed an exclusive diamond and 18kt gold eyelash for Barneys New York.

World’s most expensive cosmetics
Diamond and 18kt gold eyelash

#4  I Do Nail Polish – $55,000

World’s most expensive cosmetics
I Do Nail Polish

Essie Cosmetics collaborated with the beauty magazine Allure, Platinum Guild International (PGI) and British platinum supplier Johnson Matthey in order to create the I Do nail polish, which is made with powdered platinum. The first bottle was created by PGI and designer Henry Dunay and was made of pure platinum.

#3  Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick – $62,000

World’s most expensive cosmetics
Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick

Guerlain decided to create a very special lipstick that comes with an 18-karat gold tube encrusted with 2.2 carats of diamonds, as well as rubies and emeralds. If you think it’s too much for a lipstick, keep in mind that you also get a personal appointment with cosmetics consultant, Olivier Echaudemaison, to develop a custom-made shade of lipstick just for you.

#2  Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish – $130,740

World’s most expensive cosmetics
Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish

This nail polish it’s a shimmery gold color and it comes with a 1,118 diamonds encrusted cap. Usually, a Models Own nail polish costs only $8, but when they wanted something more, created the Gold Rush nail polish and placed it in a specially made and designed bottle. Of course, the price it’s much more than $8 for this one.

#1 H. Couture Beauty Mascara – $14 million

World’s most expensive cosmetics
H. Couture Beauty Mascara & Lipstick

And here we are. The most expensive beauty product in the world is a mascara with a case made of 18k gold with 2,500 blue diamonds. H. Couture’s proof mascara typically comes in an amazing case adorned with 1,000 hand set Swarovski crystals and an 18k gold plated cap. At some point, an extravagant client made a special request and that’s how this mascara along with a pink diamond tube of lipstick were created and made up a package called the Socialite Collection, which is valued at $14 Million.

If you want more expensive beauty treats, also check out our Most Expensive Spa Treatments in the World article. I hope you liked finding out about these products and remember that we are all beauty queens.