Taste the Most Expensive Cupcakes in the World!

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Taste the Most Expensive Cupcakes in the World!

Wondering which are the most expensive cupcakes in the world? Ealuxe has the answer!

Did it ever crossed your mind the fact that you can eat gold? Now you can.

Some of these cupcakes are wrapped in edible gold foil, some of them contain precious gems like diamonds, and some of them have some … let’s say unusual flavors for a sweet treat.

For example, a cupcake with bacon? Definitely not something you see and taste everyday.

Let’s get straight to business!

10Sprinkles Cupcakes – $39 a dozen

We begin our top 10 list of the costliest cupcakes in the world with this yummy dessert made by Sprinkles.

Famous for their ‘sophisticated’ cupcakes, Sprinkles uses natural ingredients like fresh carrots, bananas, strawberries and citrus zests.

Among other ingredients and flavors are included Callebaut chocolate, Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and sweet cream butter.

These delicacies are baked daily and they taste awesome! And the best part is that Sprinkles now makes ice cream, gluten-free and vegan cupcakes.

There are the only 12 locations where you can find Sprinkles : Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, The Grove, New York, Dallas, Georgetown, Chicago, Houston, La Jolla, Newport Beach, Scottsdale and Palo Alto.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cupcakes in the World - EALUXE | Sprinkles Cupcakes
Sprinkles Cupcakes via sprinkles.com
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