Most Expensive Diamond Clothing

11 September 2014

Most Expensive Diamond Clothing | Top 10

I will show you today the most expensive diamond clothing in the world! Yes, they are real!

When it comes to precious stones, there is no such thing as too many diamonds, am I right ladies? But why not literally wear them as clothing?

Some of these clothing items just have diamonds applied on them, but most of them are actually made of diamonds! And of course, the prices reach the expectations.

I mean, what did you expect from clothes made of diamonds? Of course they are expensive! But the fascinating thing about this is that people really buy these items!

So let’s find out just how much a t-shirt, a bra or a dress made of diamonds can cost and who buys them!

10.Superlative Luxury T-shirt – $405,000

Let’s start this journey with a bargain in the world of diamond clothing: a t-shirt.

Yes, you got that right, there is a t-shirt that has the unbelievable price of $405,000! It is made by Superlative Luxury, a manufacturare that doesn’t have anything else to sell by far, and it won its title of the most expensive t-shirt in the world.

The t-shirt is one-of-a-kind product, made of organic-cotton, using only renewable energy sources, wind and solar.

The t-shirt has a spherical pattern which is:

illustriously decorated with 16 certified-handset diamonds of exquisite color, clarity, cut, and luster.

most expensive diamond clothing
most expensive diamond clothing
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