These Are the Most Expensive Driving Simulators in the World!

17 June 2015

8Aeon Simulators Motion – Price: $23.000

Priced at $23.000, the Aeon Simulators Motion ranks #8 on our top 10 list of the highest priced driving simulators in the world.

This driving simulator is designed to be plugged into the PC and TV, which kinda makes you think why this high price tag.

Well, the chassis is handcrafted in UK and it’s adjustable and also, customizable.

The Aeon Simulators Motion features a Logitech G27 steering wheel set, and you don’t have to worry about the pile of cables.

They can be hidden in specially designed compartments, providing a light look.

TOP 10 Most Expensive Driving Simulators in the World | Aeon Simulators Motion
Aeon Simulators Motion via wired.co.uk
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