Most Expensive Drone in the World in 2016

15 February 2016

The Most Expensive Drone in the World is the Ehang 184

Have you ever wondered which is the most expensive drone in the world? If yes, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out everything about the drone of your dreams!

Drones are known by many names, including quad-copters, mini-quads or multi-rotor craft. Most commonly they have four rotors but vary in their size, price and features.

Drones are quite a “thing” nowadays. Since technology is continuously progressing, people want to keep up with the latest trends and want to own every groundbreaking invention. Click here to find out more about the private jet that might be the future of aircrafts!

In a world where most drones carry GoPros, a China-based drone company is one step ahead. The Ehang 184 is not a typical consumer drone: not only it is the most expensive drone in the world but its eight rotors are grouped by two at the four corners of the passenger drone, lifting it up to as high as 11,000 feet while cruising at 62 miles per hour, pushing 142 horsepower.

The Ehang 184 will cost aproximately $300.000 and is going to be the most expensive drone in the world!

The company says that the Ehang 184 AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) is the safest, smartest and and the most Eco-Friendly low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle, aiming on providing medium-short distance communication and transportation solution.

The most expensive drone in the world was designed to be a 100% with green technology, and is powered by electricity only. The Ehang 184 has a span of 18 feet when fully unfolded, weighs 440 lbs, and can carry a passenger weighing up to 264 pounds (119 kg). Its maximum flying altitude is 11,480 feet (3499 meters), and the AAV can fly for as long as 23 minutes at sea level.

Most Expensive Drone in the World | The Ehang 184 flying across the sky
The Ehang 184 flying across the sky via drippic.com

The Ehang 184 AAV is designed in a unique way– If one set of the power system is operating abnormal, the vehicle can still operate a normal flight plan and ensure the safety of the passenger together with the vehicle.

Maybe the most exciting fact about the Ehang 184 is that it can be controlled entirely through a mobile app. In fact, Ehang says passengers only have to execute two commands: “take off” and “land.”

Once you’ve set your course, the Ehang 184 will take off vertically, and use real-time sensor data to keep you on course. If anything malfunctions, the 184 AAV will immediately land in the nearest safe area.

The most expensive drone in the world is made of a composite material, along with carbon fiber and epoxy. The drone’s The cabin is air-conditioned and decked out with a reading light. On the outside, the passenger drone has flashing airline signal lights, a headlight, and a downward-facing camera to see what’s going on beneath it. Lastly, a passenger could make use of the Ehang 184’s small trunk that has enough space for just a 16-inch backpack.

Most Expensive Drone in The World | The Ehang 184 concept
The Ehang 184 concept via technabob.com

What are your thoughts about the Ehang 184? Would you consider purchasing one? Why?