Top 5 Most Expensive E-Books Ever

23 August 2014

Most Expensive E-Books Ever | TOP 5

Which ones are the Most Expensive E-Books Ever? Let’s take a look at the top!

The technology has evolved to a point where we can visualize everything on our smart-phone; to the point where we can buy anything online with the help of the internet and our smart-phone.

I know, there are still some people that are old-fashioned, like the read the classic newspaper and even read the old books. But not for the young generation, for them everything seems easier and is easier with the help of internet.

From the internet we found out about these expensive eBooks you should probably read in your lifetime.

Despite the fact that the eBooks have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years that doesn’t make them any less expensive. We know that some are free or at some reasonable price, but we find out which are the most expensive eBooks of all time.

However, these eBooks presented in this top are not the average books you read every day. You will notice that the eBooks are not for anyone to read.

I say let’s take a look at the Most Expensive E-Books Ever and find out which one is the most expensive! Let the journey begin! –>

5. Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications – $2,515

You can find the six volume set on Amazon.com for $2.515. Is a small price to pay for an eBook that focuses on the evolution of intelligent systems and artificial intelligent technologies and their ever-growing roles in different fields around the world.

The intelligent systems or artificial intelligence technologies are playing a big role in areas from medicine to the major manufacturing industries.

The book also put into perspective the consequences of these systems and what can go wrong if they are used wrong.

It has an overwhelming amount of detailed information and is not for everyone, not everyone can understand the importance of the information detailed in the E-Book.

The Intelligent Systems: Technology and Applications connects theory with more practical applications and gives you a new fresh look to the new technologies.

For what this E-Book has to offer I’d say that the price is fair, don’t you think?

Most Expensive E-Books Ever TOP 5 5. Intelligent Systems Technology and Applications – $2,515


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