These Are the 10 Most Expensive Earbuds in the World

1 March 2015

9) Powerbeats2 by Dr. Dre- $195, 95

 It was expected that a pair of Dr. Dre’s earbuds will be featured on the list. We bring you, the Powerbeats2!

Give up your oversize headphones you used to wear at the gym and switch with a pair of these old-school earbuds.

Choose the PowerBeats2 Wireless, the latest device from famous company Beats by Dre. The pair of earbuds is the best-rounded pair of fitness earphones on the market, blending durability, comfort, and solid sound into a tiny, easy-to-control device.

Perhaps most importantly, a near-flawless design keeps these earphones practically glued into your ear canals through just about any workout.

You can fully focus on training, almost never adjusting wires before a bench press set or removing your headphones before a set of pull-ups.

Beats establishes that tight fit by sticking with the basics, building off the original PowerBeats design.

Ten Most Expensive Earbuds in the World
Ten Most Expensive Earbuds in the World N9) Powerbeats2 by Dr. Dre- $195, 95 |source: beatsbydre.com|

A rechargeable battery is embedded within the left earphone, and a rubbery power button sits atop that same earphone.

The earphones slide around your ears then loop around the back of your neck, perfectly out of the way for most workouts.

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