Most Expensive Electric Bike in the World

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Most Expensive Electric Bike in the World

Which is the Most Expensive Electric Bike in the World?

We already presented to you the most expensive bikes and The Golden Bike, but now is time to go luxury and tv like with the electric bike.

In the past years the electric bikes have been more and more used. When you say you want to buy the most expensive electric bike you expect high-end materials and props.

You think about the environment when you decide to purchase an electric bike.

Well, this bike is exactly what you expect. Is the most expensive because is Eco-friendly and bad ass.

The best part of the electric bike is the fact that was inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster Tron Legacy. And we all know how that bike looked like and how awesome it was.

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Designed by Daniel Simon of Cosmic Motor the electric bike became “The Detonator”. A badass name for a badass bike, don’t you think?

It became the most expensive electric bike when the price of $150,000 was given to it.

With an unreal futuristic design completed with a touch of the art technology. Powered by a cutting edge compact engine comprised of lithium-ion batteries the bike is really powerful.

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Measures 11.5 feet in length the bike is as big as its powerful. With a top speed of 120 mph the luxury bike truly give all.

It was developed for the comfort of the rider. You will feel like the king of the world riding this electrical bike. I can assure you that. Or you can be a star, an actor of the movie Tron Legacy.

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It can achieve a recharge via a conventional 110V socket worth 80 to 100 miles in just one.

The front wheel measures 30 inch and the rear 20.

Would you like to drive this beauty? The Detonator it lives up to its name.

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You want The Detonator in your collection? Are you a fan of electric cars/bikes? So if you like bikes and you are passionate about devices and such you might as well purchase this bike.

Tell us why or why not in the comments below!


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