Most Expensive Element in the World

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Most Expensive Element in the World

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive element in the world?

I know I did. Is fun how you think gold is the most expensive element. And immediately you think about rich people; but is not as expensive as you think.

There are other elements more expensive than gold.

Not even diamonds are the most expensive element in the world, although they can be pretty expensive. The girl’s best friends have a price of $55,000 per gram; I’d say those are some expensive friends you have.

Other elements or substances whatever you want to call them are: The Tritium, which is used in self-luminating panels (those from the theatres, the exit signs) with a price of $30,000 per gram.

most expensive element in the world_Tritium_

Another close to be the most expensive element is Californium 252 which costs $27 million per gram and for an element that expensive it has no practical use.

It hasn’t been made since it was discovered in the western world in the ‘50s.

The most expensive natural element in the world is francium. Although it cannot be collected for use and you might pay a few billions for it, we will focus our attention through another element.

They say that Lutetium is the most expensive element which can actually be ordered and purchased. The price for 100 grams is around $10,000.


 Antimatter  costs more than matter. The antimatter is not something you can picture but it seems is something you can create.

Antimatter consists of particles that can be considered the opposites of their normal matter counterparts.

This element is too expensive to be made and is too expensive to own.

In 2006 NASA said that the correct amount of money this element is valued on is $62.5 not million but trillion PER GRAM!

So, Antimatter is not really an element as much as a material. So, the most expensive element must be the Lutetium.

most expensive element in the world_Antimater_

It is believed that soon the antimatter will fuel the starship and maybe the stars in the years to come. Do you think it is possible something like this?

We are able to evolve that much and create fuel from nothing? And what do you think about the Most Expensive Element in the World? Leave me your opinions in the comments below and don’t forget to like us on facebook!

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