Most Expensive Fashion Designers in the World | TOP 10

24 June 2014

Most Expensive Fashion Designers in the World | TOP 10

Let’s start the Most Expensive Fashion Designers in the World!

Creative abilities cannot be learn, these are god-gifted and intrinsic. By using the inborn capabilities, people cannot only imagine perfectly but also use power to make it reality.

If we take out imagination from our lives, there would be no excitement and curiosity. Everything will be performed in a mechanical way, which is unfeasible for human beings.

Art work needs colors to get a full and final touch. With the help of light and dark colors, the charm is given to lifeless objects. Same is the work of a fashion designer. Fashion is definitely not related to ramp movement of men and women with naked bodies.

In fact, fashion is connected with art work and selections of colors to make a design appealing for viewers. Each and every country has its famous and innovative fashion designers.

Here is the list of ten highly prominent and Most expensive fashion designers in the world:

10. Christian Dior- $60 Million

The name Christian Dior is not unfamiliar for those who are interested in latest fashion. The Christian status is the dream of new fashion designers.

People love to purchase the branded items and feel proud to disclose that they have bossy and stylish Christian Dior collection. Christian has gathered the fashion with the culture and art. No doubt, the brand is carnival for people.

It is the intention and silhouette of Dior to create invincible shapes, which is the reason Dior collection is included among the high-priced brands.

Most Expensive Fashion Designers in the World 10

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