10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed

15 June 2015

9. James Bond: The Spy Who Loved me, parachute ski jump

It is about a scene from the 1977 James Bond film called The Spy Who Loved Me, where Roger Moore was fleeing the baddies on skies and then eventually jumping off an extreme mountainside to finalize his escape, sailing down with a Union-Jack parachute to the delight of movie audiences.

That particular scene was the most expensive stunt ever performed at the time. It was also filmed uncut from start to finish with stuntman/alpine expert Rick Sylvester who doubled in for the 007.

With filming taking place from the top of Asgard Peak in Canada’s Baffin Island, it required the small film crews to wait days until the weather conditions were just right for the shoot.

Sylvester was paid what was considered to be a fortune for a stuntman at the time, $30,000, with a bonus upon completing, and surviving, the shot!

10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed
10 Most Expensive Film Stunts Ever Performed
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