These Are the Most Expensive Floating Hotels in the World!

26 May 2015

9Punta Caracol – Panama, South America

Next on our top list is Punta Caracol, a stylish resort hovering above a coral reef in Panama, South America.

The floating hotel is definitely a dream destination for all environment lovers.
Built over the Caribbean Sea, from bamboo, local woods and plants, Punta Caracol was born out of the idea of creating an Acqua-Lodge in a totally natural environment.

Featuring 5 exclusive cabins set over the clear waters of the Bocas del Toro archipelago, the resort’s is a mixture between ancient construction techniques combined with the most advanced alternative energy systems, such as solar panels.

The 5 Punta Caracol Suites consist of 2 stories providing 50 square meters of interior surface and 25 square meters in its terraces.

Top 10 Most Expensive Floating Hotels in the World | Punta Caracol
Punta Caracol via puntacaracol.com.pa
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