Most Expensive Flowers | Top 10

8 August 2014


Lily of the Valley – 50$ a bundle

The Lily of the Valley is one flower plant who will definitely impress your girlfriend with the sweet scent and the nice bell formed little flowers.

But for sure she will be impressed if she see’s the bill for such a bouquet because the price range is from 15$ to 50$ depending on the season.

This expensive flower has unique characteristics like the fact it is poisonous and every part of the flower if ingested can cause you damage.

The best part is that the flower is always mentioned in action movies or spy movies.

The main character is ingesting a right quantity of the serum produced from the flower and his heart is beating slower, this property being the side effect of the plant along with others like vomiting and abdominal pain.

So if you are planning on offering a fairy tale bouquet you must go for the delicate look of these 10mm little flowers who are known also as Our Lady’s Tears.

The fact that this is one expensive flower is given by shorter blooming period and the fragile state in which they come.

The almost 30 cm plant has a short life after it was picked and can be shorter if it isn’t picked correctly.

Most Expensive Flowers | Top 10
Lily of the Valley

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