Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World

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    Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World

    Have you ever thought how much an Xbox can cost you ? Well, we present you the Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World – $ 10,000 !

    Anyone who has picked up a next-generation console following their respective releases this past November will know that they neither the Xbox One or the PS4 are cheap. While consumers put aside extra cash in hopes of getting their platform of personal preference, it’s safe to say that no shopper expected to see a gold-plated variant at retailers worth roughly $10,000.

    Have you ever thought to yourself : Boy, I love video game consoles—I just wish they were ostentatious, more expensive and tacky? Today is the day for you, lucky shopper.

    Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World $10,000

    Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World $10,000

    The British factory Harrods is selling this 24-carat-gold-plated Xbox One just for $9778.80, or the price of approximately 19 normal Xbox Ones, but what is money to the truly passionate video game fan? Go get this baby before someone beats you to it. Because if you’re not willing to spend $9778.80 on a golden Xbox, are you even really a gamer?

    The gilded Xbox One pictured here is the only such system Harrods plans to sell, the retailer confirmed with GameSpot center.

    Harrods is a United Kingdom-based retailer that describes itself as “the world’s most famous luxury department store, where anything is possible and everyone is welcome.” Let’s see if this is really true ! The Xbox One appears to be available in the store, but not yet on the website.

    Gold-plated electronics are nothing new now. Two of this year’s most popular phones the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are currently available in 24-carat gold versions.

    The Xbox One launched on November 22 and has sold more than 2 million units to date.

    Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World $10,000

    Most Expensive Golden Xbox in the World $10,000

    One redditor by the name of SirSyhn came across just such a sight at UK retailer Harrod’s, where he snapped a picture of the console and its eye-popping price tag. Available for  $9,780 US, ritzy costumers hoping to appeal to the gamer on their Holiday checklist could snag this very limited gold-plated Xbox One.

    Decked out in 24K gold, this particular Xbox One doesn’t appear to do anything out of the ordinary from its standard $500 counterpart. There aren’t any reports of the regal gadget making unique sounds when turned on like previously released limited edition Xbox 360s, although if it did we’d imagine the sound would be Bill Gates laughing. Those who can afford the luxury item, will eternally hold bragging rights over their less-than-wealthy friends – not to mention they’ll have a variant of the platform that’s incredibly rare.

    Harrod’s is one store that’s famous for its bizarre and occasionally laugh-out-loud selection of luxurious and expensive products, and this video game system made of gold is no exception. Of course, the attention is going to shift to the retailer in hopes to see a 24K gold PlayStation 4, which fans will probably agree that it would be an extravagant sight to behold, so that particular item may only be a few steps behind the golden Xbox One – especially considering the amount of buzz this item has created for the company amongst gaming aficionados.

    We hope you liked our article about The Most Expensive Golden Xbox that will cost you almost $ 10,000 !

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