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27 May 2014

Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World

If you are a golf player most definitely you’re interested to know which are the most expensive golf courses in the world! Keep reading!

As most amateur golfers know, golf is a game which gets into the blood. It is like an addiction for some people and it is one we feed with our tears, sweat and cash. Equipment and gear may be a little more accessible these days and the thriving second hand market means it is relatively easy to pick up good quality golf gear at low prices.

However, if you feel you are still not spending enough on golf then maybe you would like to try the Most Expensive Golf Courses !

5. TPC Sawgrass – Florida, USA ($350 per person, per round)

This course in Jacksonville, Florida, is another design of Dye.

This is a true test of anyone’s golfing skills as it is devised not to favor any particular style of play.

While their price may be steep they are also offering promos for June, slashing more than $170 and $135 for their weekday and weekend rates, respectively.

TPC Sawgrassis usually on the ‘fifth major’ every  year.

Most Expensive Golf Courses
Most Expensive Golf Courses



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