Most Expensive Guitar in the World

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Most Expensive Guitar in the World

Let’s take a look at the most expensive guitar in the world and what makes it so expensive!

Guitar is one of the most favorite music instruments in the world. Do you know why? There are so many reasons, just think about it!

You can become a performer, impress the love of your life, and entertain people or yourself! Also, you can inspire others, set your soul on fire or to express your happiness, sadness or even madness. Sounds good, am I right?

Do you know what’s the world’s most expensive guitar?

Most Expensive Guitar in the World: Fender Stratocaster
Most Expensive Guitar in the World: Fender Stratocaster
Most Expensive Guitar in the World: Fender Stratocaster
Most Expensive Guitar in the World: Fender Stratocaster

free-signatures Most Expensive Guitar in the World

This signed Fender Stratocaster was sold at auction to benefit the Reach Out to Asia charity for $2.8 million.  This guitar was never played in concert but almost every famous, living musician that you could think of has signed it.

For example:

  • Eric Clapton,
  • Keith Richards,
  • Mick Jagger
  • Brian May
  • Paul McCartney
  • Jimmy Page and many more.

All of these world-class musicians came to sign the guitar to support the charity, and the auctioning the guitar was the work of Bryan Adams, an internationally acclaimed music artist!

BryanAdams Most Expensive Guitar in the World

What is the guitar famous for?

This Fender Stratocaster Guitar is famous for its strong white body and its series of silver accents around the neck and the top end of the guitar. This high-end simplicity shows off the incredible black signatures that adorn the body of the guitar, emphasising its place as an incredible and unique part of history.

Top 10 most popular musical instruments

The ten most popular musical instruments in the world are: Piano, Guitar, Violin,Viola, Cello, Electric guitar, Drums, Flute, Clarinet and Piccolo.


The great thing about guitars is that you can play many types of music, for example:

  • Country,
  • Blues,
  • Folk,
  • Rock,
  • Mariachi,
  • Tejano etc.

Plus, there are also many kinds of sounds one can play:

  • Loud,
  • Soft,
  • Harsh,
  • Tender.

If you want to listen to a great guitarist, why not listen to Jimi Hendrix, consistently named the greatest guitar player of all time by the rock ‘n’ roll bible Rolling Stone Magazine and pretty much every other publication.
Most Expensive Guitar in the World

Jimi Hendrix

Here is one of my favourite songs by Jimi Hendrix:

I hope you enjoyed our article about the world’s most expensive guitar, let us know what you think in the comments bellow!

Rock ‘n Roll!

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