Most Expensive Gun in the World

20 May 2014

Most Expensive Gun in the World

 Did you know about the most expensive gun in the world?

Is it dangerous? Of course, but is expensive!

We’ve seen what the most expensive rifle is, now is time to find out about another gun- the most expensive handgun in the world.

It is already known the fact that every person carries a gun.

Even if is for protection or just as a simple fact guns are cool.

This is where the violence comes from. I’d say I’m against firearms but I’d be hypocrite because we need them after all.

Either way, we live in a world where guns are so controversial. But happily not everyone can carry a gun these days.

But one particular type of firearms is famous among users- the handgun- the type of firearm you can hold and fire with only one hand.

Most Expensive Gun in the World

The most expensive firearms/handguns in the world are the 1911 Pistols aka “The Yankee Fist”. They cost between $700 and $3, 849, 00.

The price for these guns can or may not be modified among the years and it depends on how customized the gun is.

Most Expensive Gun in the World

Those arms are so popular because you can have the power in a single hand but it can be used both as fighting arm and as a sport instrument.

Most Expensive Gun in the World

The parts of 1911 Pistols are made of solid steel making them strong and durable.

Considered to be the handguns of the century because were made by several manufactures but not as popular as Colt .45.

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The handguns are made by the Springfield Armory and Browning sellers with a rich tradition of creating quality firearms.

Designed by John Browning, the 1911 pistols are best known for the design to use to short recoil principle in its basic design.

The name 1911 came from the standard-issue firearm for the United States armed forces in 1911 and kept the title until 1985.

Most Expensive Gun in the World

In these days modified versions of the 1911 are still used by the United States military and some others law enforcement agencies.

Most Expensive Gun in the World

In total, the United States procured around 2.7 million 1911 guns.

What do you think about the handguns? What about the firearms in general? If you had to, would you use a gun?

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