Most Expensive Hat in the World

7 April 2014

Most Expensive Hat in the World

Have you heard about the Most Expensive Hat in the World?

No? Let me tell you then.  The making of the hat it has a great story.

The story starts when the bizarre hat was shown to the public, at the gallery of Christine’s in London.

But the introduction of the weird shaped hat it wasn’t so boring and common.

It started with a female model playing a flute and after her a second model was throwing flowers along her path.

It all seems to me like the presentation was kind of a big wedding.

Then the strangely shaped hat was worn by the Hollywood actress, the beautiful Alicia Witt (you may know her from the TV series “Justified”).

The crowd went silent as she walked by, wearing the enormous hat.

The actresses who wear the hat was asked about the experience and how she felt when wearing the expensive hat. She replied that “the feeling was incredible, I felt a bit like a princess”.


Chapeau d’Amour (The Love Hat) is the name of the expensive hat in the world.

Why is the Chapeau d’Amour the most expensive hat?

Leaving behind the platinum fabric that the hat was made of, it also has diamond and amethyst encrusted.

Who would think to make such an expensive fashion item? After all is just an other expensive accessory.

To answer that question, the hat was crafted by a famous couture designer named Louis Mariette.

Who was his inspiration? How did he get it?

He explained that the inspiration came from a walk he had in a field of bluebells and ivy, near the forest of Cliveden, accompanied by his mysterious lover.


After all that chat we just had about the presentation of the hat and what is made of, we need to talk about the value.

To be the most expensive hat in the world you have to amaze everyone with your looks and your value.

Well, the price of the Chapeau d’Amour hat is $2.7 million.

Too bad is not for sale, the hat collectors will be now sad, but hey, you can still admire it.


Is it worth it? I mean for 2.7 million, a hat. If it was for sale, would you buy the most expensive hat in the world? Alicia Witt wore and looked amazing on her, would you like the chance to wear the heat?

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