Most Expensive Headphones In The World | Top 10

15 September 2014

Most Expensive Headphones In The World | Top 10

Usually folks are not so eager to sped their money on expensive headphones and that’s why they probably haven’t experienced a better quality of sound either.

For audiophiles most of these headphones present on the list are a big must on their wish list!

Along with the price of the luxury items also comes a set of amazing features of which normal headphones do not dispose of.

As soon as you put on one of these beauties you will sense immediately your surroundings fading away around you and you will be absorbed in a world of high-precision and impeccable sounding.

You will also experience the luxury of build quality and design like no other headgear you’ve ever worn before!

For some, the headphones might be more important than the device they’re listening from itself and that’s why they’re wise enough to invest into the improving of their listening experience.

These next 10 headphones might be expensive but they’re sure worth it!

10.Sennheiser HD 800 – $1,499.95

The Sennheiser HD 800 ranks #10 on our list and we will tell you why!

These special Headphones are crafted in Germany and were made in the hope that a more natural sound will be provided to the users.

They specially designed the headgear so the sound enters your ear at 60° allowing you to pick up every sound and ensure a “spatial listening” experience.

Because of the technology used, reviewers complain that the bass is lacking.

All in all the Sennheiser HD 800 are a top-of-the-line audio technology assembled with top quality materials and using the largest transducers ever.

Most Expensive Headphones In The World | Top 10
Most Expensive Headphones In The World | Top 10
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