Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

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Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

Were you wondering what’s the most expensive hot dog in the world? The answer is right here! Keep reading !

Just when you thought the world of food couldn’t get any crazier, New York City rooftop lounge “ 230 FIFTH” is creating a hot dog priced at $2,300.

The hot dog meat is made of marbled Wagyu beef, dry aged for 60 days and enriched with the
sophisticated taste of black truffle. For those who doesn’t know, a seven dry-aged rib goes to $1,225 for a piece. As usual the hot dog meat is put between two pieces of toasted brioche bun, brushed with butter made from white truffle and slathered with saffron-infused W Ketchup and mustard .

Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World
Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

This extremely expensive hot dog is topped with caramelized onion that have been cooked before with Dom Perignon Champagne and 100 year old balsamic vinegar which cost $389/ bottle. It’s not just a topping, we have a second one , the homemade sauerkraut, which is brased with the finest caviar and champagne . We know how much caviar cost from our article about The Most Expensive Caviar In The World ! This elaborate and very tasty hot dog is topped with a shimmering gold leaf. At this price, it couldn’t have something from gold.

Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World
Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

The rooftop lounge 230 FIFTH  had a short story with hot dogs. On the 4’th of July, they invited Takeru Kobayashi ( a competitive eater ) to challenge the participants on a broadcast. They installed a hot dog stand on the rooftop, which has been popular with customers, and on 30 of July the restaurant will release its world-record $2,300 footlong hot dog.

Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

Luckily, 230 FIFTH is not being as insatiable as eaters in charging so much money for a hot dog. A charity organization dedicated to feed poor women, children and men in the New York City area thought that solding a hot dog will help feeding 9.200 people.

So, who will pay for a hot dog like this ? They anticipate two categories of people: those who want to have an experience eating the most expensive hot dog ever or those who will support City Harvest for feeding those wretched people.

230 FIFTH is confident they’ll be able to sell at least five, maybe 10 of these exclusive hot dogs, and if the event is received well, we can expect to see some variation of the event next year, perhaps with a slightly higher price point. But really, how much more expensive can a hot dog get?

Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World
Most Expensive Hot Dog In The World

We hope you liked our article about the most expensive hot dog in the world ! Would you pay so much money just for a hot dog ? Let us know in the comments below.

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