Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC

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Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC

Have you heard about the Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC?

Only the V.I.P people can afford going there. The rooms are pricy, but is true there is a perfect balance between quality and price.

It looks as luxurious as it feels.

The Four Season hotel is the most expensive hotel in Washington DC.

The interiors were designed by Pamela Anderson, not the Baywatch star, but the designer.

With 4,000-square-foot the Royal Suite at the Four Season not only was designed by the best, but it looks the best.

I’d say $15,000 per night is a fair price to pay. This is why the hotel is the most expensive one.

But the services and the accommodations are worth it. I’ve read so many reviews online and it only has good points, everyone is talking so nice about the staff and the hotel in general.

Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC Four Seasons Restaurant

So, if you are planning on going, do it!

While you walk into the hotel you see a nice piece of canopy made of Swarovski crystal attached on the ceiling to reflect the gleaming white mosaic floor.

Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC Royal Suite

Like I said, the staff is so friendly and you’ll have a 24-hour personalized butler and concierge service plus a luxury car, all at your service.

Also, if you want to stay fit while you are on vacation you can request a personal trainer or/and massage therapist.

While we are on requesting thing, you can also ask for a personal chefs and customized security. Because why not?

Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC Royal Suite Bathroom

If you are in need of privacy you can choose the spacious one-bedroom suite and you’ll have an option of closing off hallway doors to one, three or eight bedrooms. How cool is that??

Or you can choose one of the four lighting levels with just one touch of a button.

Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC Four Seasons Presidential Suite

Located in the famous Georgetown neighborhood of Washington DC this luxury and stylish hotel is the perfect place a man can ask for his relaxing days.

The pool area is also at your service being exclusive it features a two-lane saltwater indoor lap pool.

Most Expensive Hotel in Washington DC Pool


But if you haven’t decided yet, maybe the art collection that hotels features can make you change your mind.
So, have you deiced yet? If not, take a look again at the pictures and tell us what you think!

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