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15 July 2013

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

Wondering which are the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms?

To stay one night in the room of a seven star hotel, an ordinary man must save money for at least five years. That’s because one night costs at least five times the annual salary. For celebrities and business people, this amount of cash is just change.

Do you want to have part of a luxurious stay in a five star hotel with facilities which more sophisticated? Looking for accommodation that meets best price and quality, which did not pierce you wallets for life? Here are the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms.

5. Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo

World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms ritz-carlton-tokyo

This hotel room brings for all it’s tourists an amazing landscape: Mount Fiji. Those who want to stay here must pay 25.000$ per night. It has a indoor pool, a fitness room, a butler, living and dining room linked together and a huge marble bathroom.

4. Westin Excelsior, Rome

World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

The apartment Villa La Capula of The Hotel Westin Excelsior from Rome was redecorated in 1998, investing in it over seven million dollars. It has 2 rooms but can be added at least five more. The Italian specificity is apparent from the dome, swimming pool with jacuzzi and Pompeian style frescoes that comes with the apartment. It also has a private kitchen, dining room with chandelier and that store more than 150 varieties of wine. Price: 29.000$ per night.

3. Four Seasons Hotel, New York

World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Four_Seasons_Hotel_New_York_Suite_1

For one night in Ty Warner Penthouse you must save 34.000$. It has 1.310 square meters, 360 degree panorama, huge chandeliers, a grand piano, nine rooms, a butler and a TV able to access any station in the world. The walls of the nine rooms are covered with pearl, gold and platinum. The apartment is located on the 52nd floor of the highest hotel in New York and offers a view of the entire city.

2. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas

Sky Villa from Las Vegas has 3.048 square meters and it belongs to the Playboy “father”, Hugh Hefner. A glass lift, a bed that rotates under a ceiling mirror, a pool bar with jacuzzi, massage room, permanent butler poker table are just some of the facilities “palace”. It can be rented for $ 40,000 dollars per night.

1. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva

World's Most Expensive Hotel Rooms Royal-Penthouse-Suite-President-Wilson-Hotel-Genewa-Swiss

Royal Penthouse Suite Access is via a private lift. The apartment consists of four bedrooms, six bathrooms, with marble floors, terrace with bulletproof windows, which you can see Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. The living room contains a pool table, a library and a bar that can accommodate 40 people. The dining room has a capacity of 26 people. One night in the World’s Most Expensive Hotel Room costs 53.000$.

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