Most Expensive iOS Apps

7 September 2014

Most Expensive iOS Apps | TOP 10

Let’s get to the most expensive iOS apps! Since the invention of smartphones, the apps we use every day have evolved and Apple is one of the main reasons we have them the ability to chose from a large variety of virtual products.

Apple has accustomed us with high-quality smartphones and creative apps for them. Same goes for others companies who have jumped at the opportunity to purchase and download them.

The next apps are the most expensive iOS Apps you can find right now on the market. We have gathered them all in one top for your better knowledge and fun.

Take a look at the most expensive iOS apps!

10.The Professional Chef- $49.99

For only $49.99 anyone can become a professional chef! This app teaches you to cook like Gordon Ramsey without ever leaving your kitchen table.

Created by the Culinary Institute of America and includes more than 100 embedded videos, professional tips and tricks for bringing 850 restaurants-worthy recipes to the dining room table.

Even though it has a price this small, the app is famous. It was featured on The Today Show, The New York Times, Bon Appétit, and The Next Web.

With this app soon you’ll be mastering the skills of a true chef. You can even make perfect eggs, fish, and even cook proper meat.

Most Expensive iOS Apps
Most Expensive iOS Apps

Most Expensive iOS Apps
Most Expensive iOS Apps

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