Most Expensive Kebab in the World

31 October 2013

Most Expensive Kebab in the World

Wondering which is the most expensive kebab in the world? We’ve got your back!

Kebab is derived from the Arabic word “kabab” meaning: “fry” and is a traditional dish of sliced meat originating in the Middle East.  Kebabs are so fun to eat because they have varied color and flavor. Plus, they mounted on sticks, which is just kind of cool in a people-like-to-stab-things kind of way.

Let’s not forget that they are really easy to make, so if  you want to make something really quick to eat, you know what you have to do!

Most Expensive Kebab in the World

Andy Bates aka The King of Kebabs

First of all, who is Andy Bates? Well…He is a British chef and he is working for Food Network UK and he is contributing for Andy Bates Street Feasts. Andy is always finding and making great British food, sometimes he brings classic British tarts, pies and Scotch eggs to the public from his stalls at White Cross Street and Broadway Market.

He said that:” it took a fair bit of time to source the best possible ingredients to ensure that this kebab was the most exclusive one out there, but I loved every minute.”

andy Most Expensive Kebab in the World

World’s Most Expensive Kebab!

How much would you pay for a Kebab? Would you spend more than £750? Because that’s exactly how much this kebab costs! I think Dubai would be the perfect place to start selling this kebab! Why so expensive?

Most Expensive Kebab in the World

Well…the kebab contains:

  • Krug Champagne
  • Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes
  • Purple violet potatoes
  • Shoulder of milk-fed lamb
  • Barrel Aged Feta Cheese
  • Micro Cress and Bibb Salad
  • Saffron
  • Chili Peppers
  • Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Edible gold leaf and platinum
  • Other ingredients (garlic, lemon, salsa, mint, cucumber, yoghurt)

Most Expensive Kebab in the World

It seems like wearing gold is so yesterday, eating it shows how fashionably sensitive you are.

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