Illuminate Your Room With the World’s Most Expensive Lamp

21 March 2015

Illuminate Your Room With the World’s Most Expensive Lamp

Wondering how much the most expensive lamp in the world costs? Search no more!

Lamps are a must in every home. Not only because they are useful, but they also make great decorations. A pair of colorful lamps can instantly refresh your space.

They come in different shapes and sizes, so you just have to choose one that’s on your taste.
As Louis Comfort Tiffany declared, ‘the objects of everyday life should have artistic merit’.

Let’s get straight to business and find out more about the world’s costliest lamp!

First things first. The Tiffany company was founded in 1875 by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Along with Associated Artists, Louis Comfort Tiffany originally began to create gorgeous glass decorations.
And so the Tiffany lamps gained recognition and were immediately considered to be really special and also very rare.

Louis Comfort Tiffany believed everyone should have beauty in their home, but if his paintings or stained-glass windows cost way much you can afford, perhaps you could own one of his vibrantly colored lamps.

In the 1900s, the price for a Tiffany Studios‘ lamp was between $30 and $750.
Later, the company created several exquisite lamps worth millions, such as the Magnolia (Price: $1.76 million) and the Peacock lamp (Price: $1.87 million).

‘We keep the tradition of leaded glass lamp making alive.’

The magic of Tiffany glass is how it looks in reflected light in the room, and how it looks in transmitted light created by sun passing through the shade or by light bulbs.’, declared Benjamin Macklowe of Manhattan’s Macklowe Gallery, a leading source of Tiffany Studios’ lamps.

The title of the most expensive lamp in the world goes to Pink Lotus and it is also the costliest lamp the company has ever designed.

Hiring the best builders at the time, from designers, to glass producers, to wood and metal molders, Louis Tiffany’s Pink Lotus lamp is truly unique.

Most Expensive Lamp |  Most Expensive Lamp | Pink Lotus was featured in Christie's catalog.
Pink Lotus was featured in Christie’s catalog. via greatestcollectibles.com

In 1906, the world’s highest-priced lamp was created from 2.000 hand-crafted glass pieces, all wrapped using a copper foil technique and leaded and soldered together.

Made of bronze with a mosaic pattern of stained glass set, the Pink Lotus measures 28 inches in diameter and 34.75 inches in height and also features 12 lights and 8 Favrile Glass globes.
Its shade is formed of 8 lotus flowers which overlap and form this stunning creation.

The most expensive lamp in the world is worth a whopping $2.8 million!

It would have been nice to read under the light of the world’s most valuable lamp. Unfortunately, the Pink Lotus was sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York, on December 12th, 1997.

Most Expensive Lamp | The mosaic pattern of leaded stained glass looks absolutely gorgeous!
The mosaic pattern of leaded stained glass looks absolutely gorgeous! via leadedlamps.com

This concludes our cover on the most expensive lamp in the world!

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