Most Expensive Lighters in the World

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Most Expensive Lighters in the World | TOP 10

Here is an idea of an expensive gift for someone you love! If he/she is a smoker, you could surprise him/her with a luxury lighter.

Especially if the person you love is into expensive/ tasteful items, this present will make him/her happy.

We made a list with the most expensive lighters in the world to help you decide on a favorite.

Maybe you can combine the most expensive cigarettes with the most expensive lighters?

10. Dunhill Gold Apex- $13,000

This company is known for being on the luxury market for quite some time. Dunhill started back in the 1890s, when everything seemed easier.

Their very first lighter was named Unique and was released in 1923. Did you know that Dunhill was the first to develop the first butane gas lighter in the world?

For the sake of those days and because it was their anniversary, Dunhill released the Apex gold edition lighter.

The lighter from 2009 was made of 18-carat yellow gold and it was dedicated to Elvis Presley. It has the same design which was inspired from Elvis Presley’s personal model.

But only 50 lucky people were the ones that got the lighter, because only 50 lighters with Crosshatch pattern were made.

Most Expensive Lighters in the World | TOP 10
Most Expensive Lighters in the World | TOP 10

Most Expensive Lighters in the World | TOP 10
Most Expensive Lighters in the World | TOP 10

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