Most Expensive Liquor In The World

29 April 2014

Most Expensive Liquor In The World

Do you have any idea how much the Most Expensive Liquor In The World costs?

You don’t have to, because that’s why we are here, to let you know about the most luxurious and high-priced things in the world.

We have recently talked about the most expensive whiskey in the world, but if you are the liquor type of person, be amazed to find out that this liquor is even more expensive than the whiskey.

So if you are a fan of luxurious beverages, stay with us and find out which is the most expensive liquor in the world and how much it actually costs!

Most Expensive Liquor In The World

It seems like Luxury Beverage Company are wasting no time, and after launching the world’s most expensive whiskey, they are now surprising us with the world’s most expensive liquor.

The new and amazing D’amalfi Limoncello Supreme liquor hits the market at the mind-blowing price of around $44 million.

Limoncello is an Italian drink served before or after the dinner, made of fermented lemons. But this is no ordinary Limoncello. It’s a $44 milion one.

And no, it is not a lie. The outstanding price comes from the glamorous bottle which has 3 single cut diamonds in total of 13 carats and one of the world’s rarest diamonds, a single cut 18.5 carats mammoth diamond.

You could wear it as jewellery, couldn’t you? Stuart Hughes says:

“The bottle is, of course, recyclable… we couldn’t throw away £27m once the drink is gone! It’s a simple but truly stunning idea… although I admit, personally, I’m probably happier with a pint of beer!”

Most Expensive Liquor In The World

The pricey liquor comes from the Antica Distillery in Italy.

The smell of the D’amalfi Limoncello Supreme is aromatic and fruity and it has a clear taste. The colour is a mix of yellow and green reflections.

If you find any impurities, do not worry, the product is natural and it can only be from the lemon peels.

Most Expensive Liquor In The World Limoncello (2)

Just two of these liquor bottles were made, and the first was commissioned by an anonymous Italian client, so if you can afford it then hurry, there’s one waiting for you as well!

I wonder why the anonymity, I bet he or she doesn’t want to let people know how much money were spent on just one bottle of liquor!

This was the Most Expensive Liquor In The World!

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