These Are the Most Expensive Luggage Sets!

29 May 2015

These Are the Most Expensive Luggage Sets!

Travel in style with one of the most expensive luggage sets!

If back in the past, before World War 1, luggage sets were only just a bunch of wooden trunks and didn’t look luxurious at all, today things are totally different.

Nowadays, they can be easily handled, but if think about it, it’s not about functionality anymore.

The luggage sets of today are way more stylish, embellished with all kinds of gems and let’s not forget, they come with a high price.

These luggage sets will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

5Tumi Alpha Luggage Set Collection – Price: $5.500

We start our top 5 list of the costliest luggage sets with this set, offered by Tumi.

For those of you who don’t know, Tumi is an American luxury travel bags manufacturer and the world’s leading brand of travel and business accessories.

Best known for their quality nylon 2-wheelers and for their stylish luggage collections, Tumi managed to impress us one more time with the Alpha Luggage Set Collection.

Priced at $5.500, the set consists of a zippered carry-on, a wheeled carry-on garment bag, a large wheeled split duffel, a wheeled expandable short trip suitcase and a tri-fold carry-on leather garment carrier.

Top 5 Most Expensive Luggage Sets - EALUXE.COM | Tumi Alpha Luggage Set Collection
Tumi Alpha Luggage Set Collection via bloomingdales.com
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