Most Expensive Marc Jacobs Bags

5 September 2014

Most Expensive Marc Jacobs Bags | Top 10

A bag is a woman’s dear friend, but a Marc Jacob bag is definitely a woman’s best friend! So if you’re looking for new best friends to add to your circle, I’ll present you today the most expensive Marc Jacobs bags!

Come on ladies, let’s face it, we’re dead without our beloved handbags! I mean where would we keep our wallet, our lipstick, a little bottle of perfume, some hair accessories…oh, and a little mirror! And a lot of other absolutely necessary things that men don’t understand!

But there’s one simple rule: you may never know what you need and when you need it. So why not take the safest road and be prepared?

And also, why not keep it all together in a fabulous package? A bag is one of the woman’s most important accessories, it completes an outfits and can sometimes even define your style! So let’s see how we can improve our wardrobe with the finest bags by Marc Jacobs!

10.Quilted Leather “Casey” Bag – $1,295

Ladies, let me introduce you to Casey because she would be more than pleased to meet you!

This fabulous piece is from the Marc Jacobs Resort Collection from 2009 and it’s absolutely amazing: it looks good and is quite roomy! What more can you ask from a bag?

It’s made of goatskin and in Italy, so yeah, it should be a little pricey! This sophisticated bag comes in various colors so feel free to chose: fuchsia, black, lilac, plum and dark gray.

I think you’ll notice the push lock on the lower bottom of the bag that says:

Provides a touch of charming whimsy

Isn’t that lovely? But the main attraction of this bag remains the buckled belt that encircles the belt and ties in front. Who else beside Marc Jacobs could think of wrapping a belt around a bag? The man’s a genius!

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